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Sayani Ale Oginali (Sayani and Friends) is a cultural experience for all ages to enjoy.
  Jorie West and Christie West of Sayani lived in Hawai'i for many years. During that time, they had   the honor of singing and recording with several talented musicians who became very close friends.  Sayani Ale Oginali is a delightful blend of Native American, Hawaiian, and Maori cultures. 

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1. Psalm 150
   Written by Mickey Ioane

2. On This Silent Night
   Written by Jorie West

3. Love of my Life
   Written by Jorie West, 
   Wayne Santos

4. No Kristo

5. Warrior
   Written By Mickey Ioane

6. 'Akahi No A Hele Pu
   Hawaiian Translation 
   by Edward Kahale

7. A Call to the Nations
   Written by Jorie West

8. Amazing Grace
   Cherokee Translation 
   by Prentice Robinson

9. 'O 'Oe 'Io
   Written by 
   Luke Kaa Morgan
   (New Sound, 
   New Zealand);
   Hawaiian version 
   by Kaho'okele Crabbe

Vocals: Christie West, Jorie West, Mickey Ioane, Pattie Ioane, Kawika Kahiapo, Wayne Santos, Gaymond Apaka, Hanalei Colleado, Wendell West

Native American Flute: Jorie West

Ipu: Zennie Sawyer

Chanter: Paoakalani Patu

Keyboard: Evan Carmichael

Drums: John Tafaoimalo

Congas: Ken Tomita

Ukulele: Hanalei Colleado, Kawika Kahiapo

Electric Guitar: Isaac Kikawa

Upright Bass: Kawika Kahiapo, Joe Stephens

Guitars: Mickey Ioane, Kawika Kahiapo, Wayne Santos, Evan Carmichael

Bass Guitars: Wayne Santos, Kawika Kahiapo, Charles Recaido

Warrior Cries: Daniel Kikawa, Jorie West, Christie West

"On This Silent Night" Native American Chant 
is used with permission by Bill Miller

Wado ale Mahalo:
Daniel & Yolanda Kikawa and Aloha Ke Akua Ministries
for your constant support and encouragement,
Donald Blackfox and Spirit Wind Records,
Wendell West,
Mickey & Pattie Ioane,
Gaymond & Elena Apaka,
Wayne & Georgia Santos,
Brandon Nakano,
Kamuela Kahalehili,
Jon & Jenny Doi,
Kawika Kahiapo,
Leon Siu,
Evan Carmichael,
Hanalei Colleado,
and the numerous others that we sang,
played, laughed, and prayed with in Hawai'i.
You are our brothers and and forever.
Most importantly, 
Unelanvhi /Ke Akua, our Heavenly Father,
for ALWAYS keeping Your Word, 
putting a song in our hearts,
and for walking each step with us 
on the path that You designed for Sayani.
You are the reason that we sing.

Produced by Aloha Ke Akua Ministries
Executive Producer: Daniel Kikawa
Associate Producer: Jorie West
Recording Engineers: Christie West, Evan Carmichael, Charles Recaido
Mixing Engineers: Christie West, Jorie West, Evan Carmichael, Isaac Kikawa
Mastering: Pierre Grill, Rendez-Vous Recording

2012 Aloha Ke Akua Ministries / Sayani
All rights reserved.  Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.