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Ulihelisdi! Welcome!

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To these above all....

.......our heartfelt thanks

First and foremost we give praise, glory and honor to Creator God who is called by many names and answers to each of them without hesitation. You see and know everything, yet love us unconditionally. You are the center of our being, and our love for You is the motivation for all that we do. Thank you for sending your son, Jesus, to make a way for us to be with you forever.

Rachelle Wilson whose story is told in the title song, Nvda Sunalei (Morning Sun) and who has often been an inspiration to her mother. We are so proud of who you have become and love you endlessly. A special thanks to Aaron whose love and care for you and our precious Hayley and Tristan mean so very much to us. We love you, Aaron and are proud to call you son and brother.

Carrie-Anna Mockingbird West for being our official photographer for this album and for the many hours that you spent watching over Grandpa so that we could spend the necessary time in the studio. We could not have made this album without you and we love you, sweet daughter and sister.

Wendell West whose wonderful bass voice can be heard on "Come Closer" and Nvda Sunalei as he speaks with love to his daughters. You have made us all proud and we love you.

Great Auntie
Great Auntie

Charles Recaido whose expertise in the studio brought this project together. Thank you for being so easy to work with and for adding your incredible guitar and percussion on those songs that just needed a little something extra. You are awesome!

Kawika Kahiapo who wowed us with your talent and humbled us with your spirit. Watching you breeze through those songs was an experience in and of itself. We are honored to have worked with you and to have experienced the presence of Ke Akua through you. You are a special brother.

Leon Siu and Wayne Santos, great friends and brothers who played rhythm and bass guitar on Indian Blood. We were blessed by the best of the best and we thank Yihowa for the gifts that He gave you. We thank you for sharing them with us.

Gaymond Apaka our beloved pastor, friend, brother and uncle. Your ukulele added just the right touch on Puhi Bay and your Jorie jabbing at the end left us speechless, for which we are sure that you are grateful. Do you really think that they will believe that fish story?

Mickey Ioane, another talented friend, uncle and brother. Thanks for the Conga's on Come Closer and Puhi Bay. The Puhi Bay "party"at the end of the song would not have been as much fun without you. You brought both the Aloha and Holy Spirit with you.

Elena Apaka and Pattie Ioane whose love and sisterhood are so important to us. Thanks for the laughs, Elena. Oh, and Pattie... E hele mai ! ...anytime, for we are 'ohana.

Moses Crabbe who delivered the Oli at the end of 'Hawaiian Skies' with a powerful anointing from Ke Akua, Creator God.The English words can be found in Second Chronicles 7:14 with the addition of the Hawaiian State Motto, "The life of the land is perpetuated in Righteousness." Mahalo, too, for the beautiful translation of the chorus of 'Hawaiian Skies'.

Daniel Kikawa and his beautiful wife, Yolanda, whose friendship, love, support and encouragement kept us on the path.  Knowing you has changed our lives. -Mahalo plenty!

Dona & Mary
Dona & Mary

Our Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw and Irish relatives, particularly Mom and Grandma Dona who were the inspiration for Cherokee Pride and Heart of the Tree. You gave us a rich and honorable heritage and we love you. We will always remember who we are and where we came from .........and we'll "pass it on".

Greg Ashe, Jan Parks, Rhoda Simeona, Henry Redding and Darrell Chilson who are prayer warriors in every sense of the word. Thanks for your friendship and support.