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Father, Teach Me to Fly
Copyright 2002 Jorie West

When there's trouble all around and the world just keeps pressing down

On your shoulders

Don't worry fear or dread, remember what Father said He would do

If you'd wait on him, just wait on him

He'll go to any length to give you courage and confidence

To face the morning

After all the things you've heard if you just take him at his word

And wait, ah, wait on him

He'll give you wings to fly like an eagle

Flying high above a troubled world

You will run and not be weary

You will walk and never faint

He'll give you strength, He will give you strength

Father, teach me to fly, I wanna fly like the eagle

Open my eyes to see from heights far above

Over the mountains and valleys, beyond the clouds of doubt

Soaring over the ocean through clear skies

Help me to see through the darkness in the beauty and light of your love

I will believe your Word not what I see with my eyes

When I do the things you do, staying close enough to you

To feel your breath upon the wind

I won't worry fear or dread, you've done all the things

You said and you'll do it again

And I will fly, fly , fly, I will fly..........

Nas gi ya i hia u wo hi li aya ala wi (di) di

Ah Ah Ah

Ga no hi li u tlo ya s di a gi do da (Abba)

Ah Ah Ah...................


Translation: Flying like the eagle, flying with my father

Abba: Daddy

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