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December 10:
                    Christmas Celebration
                    Ka'u, Hawaii
                    12 noon
December 3:
                    University of the Nations
                    Kona, Hawaii
                    6 P.M.
October 23:
                    Tremont Evangelical Church
                    Portland, Oregon
                    A.M. service
                    Sellwood Baptist Church
                    Portland, Oregon
                    7 P.M.
October 22:
                    Sellwood Baptist Church
                    Portland, Oregon
                    7 P.M.
October 16:
                    Believer's Ministries
                    225 S. Riverside Ave.
                    Rialto, California
                    10 A.M.
October 11:
                    School Assembly
                    Salida, California
                    (All Day)
October 2:                    
                    Four Corners Community Church
                    Navajo Reservation
                    Shiprock, New Mexico
                    10:30 A.M.
September 28:
                    The Mission Grounds
                    Special Meeting
                    7 P.M.
September 27:
                    The Overcomers Program
                    BIC Mission
                    Bloomfield, New Mexico
                    7 P.M.
September 25:
                    First Nations Fellowship
                    Navajo Reservation
                    Four Corners, New Mexico
                    11 A.M.
                    Santa Fe with Good Medicine Drum
                    4 P.M.
September 23:
                    Soaring Eagle
                    4701 Montano N.W.
                    Albuquerque, New Mexico
                    7 P.M.
September 18:
                    Greater Vision Community Church
                    Copperas Cove, Texas
                    8 A.M.
                    Faith Temple Church
                    Copperas Cove, Texas
                    10:45 A.M.
                    Creek Baptist Church
                    Copperas Cove, Texas
                    6 P.M.
August 9:
                    Meeting with Eagle & Dove Ministry
                    Pilgrim Church
                    Beverly, Massachusetts
                    7 P.M.
August 7:
                    Christian Renewal Church
                    Salem, Massachusetts
                    Morning and Evening Services
August 5:
                    Massachusetts Correctional Institution
                    6:30 - 8:30 P.M.