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Compilation Albums featuring Sayani

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Rise Up
Out of Stock. Please allow three weeks for delivery.

$20.00 + FREE Shipping

Rise Up: Music from Native America is intended to promote national awareness of the homeless crisis and to raise funds to help shelters all over the United States with a portion of the proceeds.

  1. Rise Up
  2. Iva
  3. The Long Way Home
  4. Northern Cheyenne Round Dance
  5. Jacatatanda
  6. A History Story
  7. Blessings
  8. Judith
  9. For a Moment in December
  10. Waking Dream
  11. Red Earth
  12. In Her Circle
  13. Call to the Nations
  14. Song for Sundancer
  15. Son of Owls
  16. Who Am I
  17. A Burning
  18. Down & Out
  19. Sayani
  20. America
  21. From the East to the West

The Color of Hope
In Stock

$20.00 + FREE Shipping

This project was created to raise awareness and charitable donations for victims of domestic violence.  The artists on The Color of Hope are Native women, and donated their music to this cause.

The Color of Hope won the 2011 Native American Music Award for Best Compilation Recording!  

  1. Opening Prayer -Chucki Begay
  2. Why -Cathy & Lisa Gregory
  3. More -Kelly Montijo Fink (with Pete Raine)
  4. Break Away -Sayani
  5. Mi Cante Yuska He -Felicia Kent
  6. Standing in the Shadows -Gypsy Red
  7. Residential School Song -Cheryl Bear
  8. Crying over Nothing -Quatisi
  9. Lonely Heart -Yolanda Martinez
  10. God Created Woman -Martha Redbone
  11. How Fawn Got its Spots -Deborah New Moon Rising (The Story Tellers)
  12. Life -Chucki Begay
  13. This Ole World -Yvonne St. Germaine
  14. In the Fire -Jackie Tice
  15. Sing Me Over -Sarah Blickens
  16. Blessing Ways -Darlene Wildman (Rainsong)
  17. Sing Your Song -Indigie Femme
  18. Leap of Faith -Rae Denton
  19. Morning's Dance -Jan Seiden
  20. What If -Janet Quiet Dove (Sacred Winds)
  21. Amazing Grace -Noelle Maracle