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Nvda Sunalei (Morning Sun)

Copyright 1999 Jorie West

Nvda Sunalei (came to me) I saw her in a dream

A vision of hope and beauty as she walked beside the stream

The first time that I saw her I knew she was the one

Her eyes were bright with wisdom and I called her Morning Sun

She stayed beside me night and day and rarely left my side

Each time I looked upon her face my heart swelled with pride

She loved me and I loved her, too... I thought we'd never part

We merged into one person who chose to share a heart

I watched her walk each day beside the stream in that peaceful land

Then one day a mighty warrior came and asked to take her hand

All too soon the shadows drew as it began to snow

I looked into her eyes and knew... it was time to let her go

Morning Sun brought new life into my world

A brilliant ray of sunshine shining through a little girl

I knew the day would come when she would find her special one

But never could I know how much my love would grow with Morning Sun

Ahhhhhhhhh Nvda Sunalei...... Ahhhhhhhhh Aya ga ge yu hi A li he li s di a ya

She left me sitting quietly beside that peaceful stream

But comes to me each morning in a beautiful sunbeam

Her light and love still linger even when the day is done

And I am warmed by the memory of my season in the sun

Aga li s gv a qua tse li Aga li s gv u wa sa

A li he li s di ga lv lo hi ni hi go tlv di

Nvda Sunalei Gv ge yu hi ho wa tsu ni ga ye to hv

English: My Sunshine, only sunshine, you make happy skies.

Morning Sun, I love you..... please remain.

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