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Thunder in the Desert
Copyright 1999 Jorie West

[The Great Spirit and Giver of Life

Creator of Earth, Sea and Sky

Found darkness upon the earth

And knew His Son must die]

Like thunder in the desert proclaim His Son

Tell everyone about Him and all that He has done

Shout it from the mountains, tell it far and near

To every tribe and nation, to all who want to hear

Tell them all that He came to make things right

To trade this trail of tears for everlasting life

With the Father and the Son, Galunlati, Three in One

Wado Yihowa! Since you came we will never be the same

When the Thunder roars, the lightning strikes and the rain begins to fall

Our hope is in the One who gave His life to free us all

Na na na na.....

The Son of Man, Creator's plan to save us

Now every tribe and nation can live free on His Creation

For we have found our freedom where no man can take it away

Hearts are filled with wonder as we listen to the thunder

With the shouts and cries of warriors as they dance in ancient ways

When the thunder roars, the lightning strikes and the rain begins to fall

Our confidence is in the blood He gave to save us all

Unelanvhi U we tsi I ga gu yv he yi

Hna qu tso su we yu lo se I ga gu yv ho nv

U na da nv ti a ne hv Do da ya nv hi li

Tso sv hna quo ni go hi lv Do hi wa ne he s di

English: God's Son paid for us

Now to heaven He went after paying for us

The righteous who live He will come after

In heaven now, always in peace will live

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